About Us

What we have begun 25 years ago, thanks to creativeness and initiative of many people, resulted in establishment of the company offering a very wide assortment of metal furniture. Our products reflect the commitment of the whole company, readiness to deliver every product according to customer’s needs and of high quality guaranteed by MALOW brand mark.

Our company is based on people – people representing our customers, our suppliers, our business partners and our workers. We know perfectly well that our success would not be possible without cooperation with our customers. Therefore, we carefully listen to your voice and we hope that we will fulfil your expectations.

Henryk Owsiejew

Our mission is to achieve position of a strategic partner for customers and business environment:

  • by complex offer and the highest quality services,

  • by development possibilities for employees,

  • by providing benefits for copartners.


Our greatest asset is confidence our customers put in us, as well as stable and experienced staff. Our successes are the motor of our activities and they encourage us to improve and to fulfil new needs of our customers.

Malow company as it’s key values recognises:


  1. Customers

  2. Employees

  3. Development

  4. Responsibility

  5. Lucidity

  6. Confidence

  7. Honesty

  8. Effective Communication


Scope of business: manufacture of metal furniture

Location: North-East Poland: Suwałki

Activity since: 1989

The number of people employed: approx. 629

Production sites: Suwałki (Poland), Świnoujście (Poland)

Kharkov (Ukraine)

Distribution: around the world

Export: approx. 70% of production

Manufacturing capacity: 448 723 pieces of furniture per year

Scope of material processing: 1 334 tons of metal sheet per month

Number of orders: ca. 642 tons of powder per year

ca. 57 250 per year (2017)

Motto: Furniture, you can depend on

Our strong points:

  • quality,

  • rich offer,

  • professional, full service,

  • experienced technical staff,

  • advanced technology park,

  • rich colours palette,

  • certificates,

  • diversity,

  • flexibility – bespoke products.