Corporate social responsibility

Social responsibility is an element of our long-term strategy. It is based on the principles of social dialogue and search for solutions advantageous for our environment:

  • employees,
  • business partners,
  • contractors,
  • natural environment,
  • local society, where we live and work.

From the beginning Malow company engages into social initiatives of different kinds. We recognize charity as an important aspect of corporate social responsibility.

  • we help non-governmental organizations with articles and finances.
  • we fund summer and winter holiday actions for children from poor or dysfunctional families.
  • we financially assist centres that conduct feeding homeless and poor people, we back up local fund-raisers for helping sick person.
  • for many years we have been supporting local schools and educational institutions by handing over the equipment and funding organised campaigns, e.g. promoting innovative ideas of young people.
  • we joined the DKMS foundation campaign „Together against leukaemia” by organising the day of the bone marrow donor in the company.

Bearing in mind natural values of the Sudovia, Malow has consciously been taking actions in the sphere of the organization and the environmental management. Thinking about future generations, these actions are directed towards the respect of natural environment. Our efforts concerning natural environment are coordinated as part of the environmental management system in accordance with the requirements included in the ISO 14001 norm.

We treat the environmental management as one of priorities in managing the company. We are also systematically carrying out inspections and evaluations of environmental aspects. Parameters of significant environmental aspects will be constantly improved by setting appropriate environmental goals.

As part of the improvement in the environmental impact we are aiming at:

  • proecological management of industrial waste by proper segregation,
  • repeat exploiting or recycling,
  • planning and realization of operations preventing potential ecologic hazards,
  • raising the awareness of our employees about their work’s impact on environment.