Acid-proof furniture

Acid-proof furniture ensure maintaining cleanness and sterility, long-term durability, aesthetics and high quality. Those are for professional applications as well as increasingly for rooms for allergy sufferers. Surgical instrument table. With manually adjusted tray within the scope of 911 – 1370 mm, size of 600×400 mm. Rotating tray with the possibility of blocking in every position. Maximum load capacity is 10 kg.

The emergency table is intended for moving the sterile materials, baskets, tools, drugs and other equipment around an operation block, hospital departments, emergency rooms, laboratories and sterilization rooms. Cabinet for anaesthetics is equipped with a stand for liquids. The stand is adjustable in the range of 1300 – 2100 mm.

Stand for liquids – five-arm base, the upper part equipped with 4 hooks made of stainless rods. The stand is adjustable in the scope of 1300 – 2200 mm. Operating platform – steps are covered with anti-slide strips (made of material resistant to water, oil and UV radiation). Platform ensures the ergonomic working conditions during an operation.