Cabinets for industrial computer

Perfect solution for factories to store industrial computers.


The cabinet has a flat structure of minimum depth. The front screen is adapted to assembly 16:9 LCD screen and of maximum 22 inches diagonal. The resistance class, supported with examinations IP-42, ensure protection of the cabinet against foreign objects of over 1 mm size, and protection against drops of water falling down on the casing at the angle of 15 degrees.

The unscrewed base of the cabinet enables screwing the cabinet directly to ground. Rich equipment as standard: a fan, a power supply, a service wire, and a power strip with the antiinterference filter.


The upper glass part for LCD screen allows to use equipment even if there is dust on the factory floor. The bottom covered part serves for safe-keeping of the computer and other devices. Extendable shelf allows for using the keyboard easily and comfortably. The cabinet has legs with possibility of levelling what allows to put it on each kind of floor, even the uneven one.

The cabinet is equipped with inner electric fan that cools the working computer. In the bottom part of the cabinet there is a powering anti-interference slat. Back side has ventilation holes in it. The adjustable shelf makes it possible to set its height depending on kind of computer kept in the cabinet.