Garage box

Garage cabinets are an ideal solution for underground parking spaces. It allows for an aesthetic, comfortable and safe use of free space within the parking space. Flats in apartment buildings and multi-family houses are rarely equipped with additional cellars. Garage cabinet is a solution to this problem. It is a solid, strong and very capacious product, in which you can store items used occasionally or seasonally, for which there is no room in an apartment e.g. bicycles, tires, car seats, prams, rollers, skates, helmets and other sports and tourist equipment, oils or workshop tools.

Garage cabinet is a free-standing furniture. It can be easily moved to another location. It does not require to be anchored to a floor or a wall. Garage cabinet is a stable and safe furniture due to its own weight of 200 kg, a solid construction placed on a strong base and additional reinforcement of cross braces.

Technical specification of Garage cabinet:

  1. Weight: 200 kg.
  2. Capacity: ca. 5000 litres.
  3. Stable construction.
  4. Cross braces for additional reinforcement.
  5. Load capacity per shelf: 80 kg; load capacity of a whole cabinet: up to 500 kg.
  6. Placed on a square steel profile legs.
  7. Safe lock with 2 keys.
  8. Painted with classified fire-retardant powder coat.
  9. Can be anchored to a floor.
  10. 2-year warranty.


  • Height: 2200 mm
  • Width: 2400 mm
  • Depth: 800 mm

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