GDPR cabinets

GDPR cabinets

GDPR – The General Data Protection Regulation says about maximum security of documents, their segregation in terms of categories, and forces companies to introduce many changes. They relate to activities in the area of ​​digitization, as well as storage and destruction of paper documents containing personal data.

The provisions of the GDPR do not clearly indicate how to store documentation containing personal data. Therefore, adequate safety measures, appropriate to the data value and possible threats, should be used.

We recommend several types of cabinets that are worth considering as those that protect sensitive documents. In this context, the best choice are metal lockers that meet the requirements of applicable provisions of the GDPR.

Our metal filing and file cabinets ensure security of stored documents. They are characterized by durability, high quality and attention to detail. Many years of experience and market presence ensure that the cabinets are perfect to the smallest detail and are reliable. Choice of colors from the wide range of RAL allows you to match them to any interior.

Sliding shelves are the perfect solution in the case of large amounts of documentation. We produce them in various options, such as crank or electric driven.