MALOW as a TOP Employer of Eastern Poland 2017

On 28th of September, during 4th Eastern Economic Congress in Białystok, MALOW became laureate of TOP Employer of Eastern Poland 2017.

The prize was given to Chairman of the Supervisory Board – Mr henryk Owsiejew. This is a special award, as MALOW was nominated by local authorities of particular voivodships (marshals of voivodships and city presidents), as well as representatives of organizations promoting economic policy of investors acquisition and entrepreneurship development. This proves, that actions taken by MALOW in terms of business environment and local society are effective, and the company is regarded as taking care of its employees and market competitive.

Other companies nominated in this contest were: Torpol, JMP Flowers Grupa Producentów, Inglot, ML System, Kazar Footwear, Enea Połaniec and SIPMA. The competition committee regarded these companies as best of the best, managed in a modern way, innovative and meaningful in their branches.