Movable shelving system with Soft Touch electric drive

The movable shelving racks with SOFT TOUCH system is a truly innovative solution. Moving particular units no longer requires any physical effort. Tap gently in specific spot to access to required archives. This is a perfect solution for large and often used archives, when user is carrying documents and is not able to use his hands, and especially for disabled people. Shelving rack move smoothly, what protects files against changing their position during the move.


Movable shelving system provide possibility of transmission by means of following elements: electric motor and cogwheels coupled with transmission shaft. The control system has following functions:
– opening,
– blocking,
– reseting,
– failure alarm,
– moving apart, airing,
– user protection, safety.


The trackage is galvanized. The total height of the track is 12 mm. Trackage is anchored to the floor with expansion bolts. The outermost tracks have an anti-tilt system, protecting against overturning. Optimally selected number of rails ensures smooth and easy movement of units. There is also a possibility of installing a chain in the trackway.


The frame is made of powder coated steel profiles coloured in RAL 7035. The frame is equipped with shafts and cast iron wheels. The wheels have ball bearing to improve the quality of use. The frames are equipped with rubber distance buffers in order to prevent units from sliding off. Movable shelving system provide the possibility of transmission by means of following elements: electric motor, cogwheels coupled with transmission shaft.


The load-bearing wall is made of powder coated steel sheet and perforated every 25 mm (either in intervals or continuously). Thus shelves can be adjusted at any desired height. For additional rigidity of units, a cross-wise strengthening is applied.


Shelves are made of powder coated steel and are equipped with a shelves’ dividers, what prevent documents from moving on neighbouring shelf. Shelf’s loading capacity is 40 kg or 80 kg (as an option). The front wall from the side of control panel, is covered with a decorative panel.


The shelving is designed with a possibility of locking with special keys. The access to particular units might be restricted only to employees possessing a particular key. The shelving also have in-built ‚night positioning’ option. All units slide in equal distance to each other so as to provide additional ventilation. Units are equipped with electric overload protection, that reacts to all obstacles while moving. Additionally, the shelving is equipped with a passive safety system. The system forces users to have a look at an opened alley, before it moves to another. All the functions guarantee safety of use.


Movement of the system is held through the control panel placed on the front wall of each unit. It is possible to move all units with one control unit. Control panel indicate the direction of movement and opening of a corridor. Opening and closing of a particular unit comes down just to press the button on the control panel. The panel is equipped with the system of signal diodes, informing about the system failure. Additional control program is detecting and signalling the place and the kind of a breakdown.


The units are moved with the control panel. Wiring placed in cable channels put on the top of the unit- as or shoulders between elements.


Lighting of the space between units. The illumination is controlled electronically and works only above the unit currently used by a personnel. Lighting covers are placed on metal trusses, screwed to the top shelves (the covering). The illumination starts automatically when the alley is opened and switches off when it is closed, provided software allow user to set the time after which the light switches off. Mesh panel system for safe storage of images. Pull-out frame drawers facilitate access to documents.