Quality & Service

For over 15 years we have been working in accordance with Japanese managing practices called Kaizen – neverending process of improvement. The essential rule of this philosophy is constant involvement of the entire organization and willingness to continual refinement of the company and product.

Thanks to continuous investments in the production technology Malow belongs to the most innovative companies in the country. Modern and universal machines

for processing and forming metal sheets as well as metal profiles, new technologies of powder coating, as well as constant supervision of our own technical staff

– that ensure the best quality of our furniture.

In order to increase the productivity and the quality of our products we are constantly developing our machinery stock.

We are working on machines of renowned companies such as Salvagnini, Amada or Safan.


Our machinery resources includes:

  • fibre-optic lasers,

  • P4 bending centres,

  • guillotine shears,

  • stationery and pincer welding machines,

  • band sawing machines,

  • angle bending machines and edge presses,

  • numerically controlled revolver fine cutters,

  • eccentric presses of the pressure of up to 100 tons.

In 2013 we have launched the most modern in Europe automatic line for production of metal wardrobes. The line consists of 13 production stations and automatizes processes such as: storing, transport of elements between operations, cutting, bending, and welding performed by robots. The automatic production line assures high quality of our wardrobes what is proved by:

  • precision – all elements are being carried out with the precision of up to 0.25 mm,

  • automatic bending of closed profiles,

  • synchronous work of 2 robots on one element.

In 2013 we have purchased another laser system – the newest L3 Salvagnini system equipped with automatic inoculants of palettes and new P4 Salvagnini bending centre with the system of giving and receipt of details.

The process of powder coating takes place on automatic line which is the biggest in the country in terms of painting guns installed and the best quality powder from the biggest world producers is used in the process.

As we are aware of the quality of our products we are granting extended statutory warranty! Period of entitlements on account of the statutory warranty for physical defects of goods amounts to 24 months from the day of sale.

In order to assure durability of our movable shelving systems we grant the statutory warranty for 24 months!