A walk around MALOW Open Days

An invite for a virtual walk.

MALOW Open Days (MOD) is an exhibition organized like a fair on an area of approx. 1 500 m2,where you can see a wide range of #Malow metal furniture, news, and a large dose of history, including archival photos, catalogs. An additional attraction is the gallery of local artists’s paintings and works of art and the exhibition “Suwalki in old photos”. It is also a great place for meetings, conferences and trainings.

Take a moment of free time, sit back 🪑 and… we invite you to the our world of metal furniture.

Link: https://malow.com.pl/malow-open-days/

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Social lockers with electrical sockets

Nowadays, a wardrobe is not only for storing clothes. It is multifunctional thanks to be equipped with a mirror, a towel hanger, a shelf for hats or shoes.

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