Adalbert in school

The school bell had broken down the silence, and the pupils started to leave their classrooms. Lots of students without backpacks were heading to the dressing room. In one of the dressing rooms noise increased as if someone was in trouble… Sofie who always walks to dressing room calmly, this time appeared in overthere very quickly.

  • How can I now worry?! They will expel me from school! – Adalbert which changed the school was wailing.
  • That’s trifle! No one will expel you from school. In the worst case you will go to the principal. – said one of the kids who tried to make Adalbert’s mood better, however his mood went straight down.
  • Move over! – Sofie tried get to Adalbert. – Are you okay? – She asked when she saw him. – Why are you crying?
  • My Mom gave me the piece of paper with the cabinet’s code written on it and I lost it! It is just the very beginning of school, and now they are going to expel me! And what about cabinet? It is closed and there is no way to open it! After everything my mom will have to pay for the cabinet’s emergency opening! No one will forgive me!
  • Hey, stop! Don’t be silly! No one will expel you from school, no one is going to damage the cabinet! There is no reason to worry. Do not listen them – She pointed the classmates. – Everything is going to be allright! Come with me to our class teacher. For sure she will give you new code!

Code locks

Traditional key locks are reliable and proven solution. They handle in all conditions and they are very simple in use. Thanks the classic design they are durable and their the weakest point is… Human, who can lose the key. This is not a situation without exit. ,,The principal key” (also called ,,the master key”) can open each lock. It is very helpful, especially at schools when pupil will lose his key.

There are lots of possibilities when it comes to equipping Malow’s cabinets with locks. Expect for simple in use, classical lock opened with the key, there are also locks to which losing access is not possible. Adalbert & Sofie’s trials and tribulations prove that code locks are much better in school environment, because losing a key is not possible. After entering the code few times, pupils spontaneously will learn their codes.

When Ordering Malow furniture, remember about wide range of locks and choose those which are tailored to your needs.

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A modern school is the use of permanent solutions! Sofie’s and Adalbert’s school is a great example. In the last episode, a group of school friends goes to the principal, who has to punish them for arbitrary trips around the school’s underground. In the meantime, they learn why metal furniture is more practical than wooden furniture. When equipping your school, follow the example of Mrs Milena and focus on quality!

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