Antibacterial powder coat

Present epidemiological situation generates new needs and we are responding to them immediately. We are introducing into our offer a possibility to paint our furniture with antibacterial powder coat.

It is a group of antibacterial powder coat of high reduction activity, against a wide range of microorganisms including bacteria, yeast and mould. Antibacterial ingredient is compliant with requirements concerning contact with food. Antibacterial activity is based on silver ions.

The coating is mainly used in hospitals, on school and nursery school furniture, in placed where food is prepared, restaurants, caterings, hotels, public toilets, guest houses, sanatoria, cloakrooms, schools, offices etc.

It shows long-term activity, thanks to controlled release of active ingredient. Antibacterial activity up to 300 C and pH range between 1 and 13. It considerably exceeds limits for standard of the coat paint layer.

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