Cabinets for clothes and shoes drying

Cabinets for clothes and shoes drying comes in two versions:
1) With plastic transparent curtain (for shoes and clothes drying)
2) Without plastic transparent curtain (for shoes drying only)

Cabinet with laths allows to store 10 working clothes sets and provides easy access to clothes that are drying thanks to plastic transparent curtain in the upper part of the cabinet instead of doors. Plastic transparent curtain protects from excessive heat loss and allow for easy access to dried clothes. In both versions of the cabinet in the lower part there is space for drying your working shoes. The pipes are long enough to allow to dry any kind of shoes, even boots what makes the cabinet perfect for drying skiing shoes as well.

Cabinets are made of fire galvanized steel ensuring durability and corrosion resistance. They come in non-painted and galvanized version only.

Download the data sheet of cabinets for clothes and shoes drying

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