Can you imagine base without desk?

Modern office

Properly equipped office makes work easier and improves the creative atmosphere. Keeping the base clean, well- kept and tidy has impact on the employees’ concentration, and that, directly translates into work efficiency. For sure you do your best to make the office unique in every way. It is worth to focus on the workplace, because most of the time is spent right overthere.

Interior is relevant. Materials, colours and furniture influence on employees’ attitude.  The modern style is more than design, it goes with care of work environment and the teams needs. Without any doubt the most of our time is spent in the office, and the mostly used part of it is our desk. STB office desks are in the top of the market thanks to their optional accessories. There is possibility to equip desk with the front cover, media ports, cable grommet and cable cover.

When choosing desk, pay attention:

  • If the size and hight of the desk goes with your needs
  • If the desk is levelable
  • If the desks are solid made
  • If the desk has space for cables
  • If there is an availability of optional accessories.

Our STB desks – work efficiently and comfortable

STB office tables are perfect solution for the ergonomic work. Made of metal with care of every detail, they are available in many sizes. This is possible to join them in different shapes thanks to availability of desk’s connectors. Desks can be easily levelling thanks to the levelling feets.  Additional advantage is the cable canal under the desk – it solves the problem with mess with cables. Thanks dedicated SZP mobile pedestals you can keep everything you need in reach of your hands and hide pedestal under the desk.

Take care of your workplace and every detail there. Your office is just like the furniture overthere. Choose Malow’s STB office desks and enjoy the care of every detail.


See the STB office tables

See the SZP mobile pedestals

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