Charge up your e-bike easily

Electric bikes are gaining popularity every year. The increase in public awareness, the development of technology and care for the environment significantly increase the number of e-bike users. They look and act like a traditional bike and are perfect for getting to school or work quickly or relaxing on a weekend trip.

Electric bikes from year to year, thanks to the introduction of new technologies, are cheaper, lighter, and they can easily overcome difficult terrain. They are quiet, what is important (!) They do not emit fumes, and charging is faster and allows you to overcome longer distance. Depending on the battery size, the e-bikes can overcome further distances of up to 100 km. It is recommended to charge up the battery before each trip to enjoy a carefree ride afterwards.

Since the battery is the heart that propels our vehicle, we designed and built a bicycle battery charging locker. Our goal was to simplify the charging process and make it faster and safer. You do not have to keep the disassembled battery at home, our locker you can safely and quickly recharge it ie. in a garage, underground car park or other roofed places. Any batteries can be stored in the boxes (except for lead-acid or batteries that emit harmful vapours). The battery charging locker is a perfect solution for charging many batteries at the same time, ie. in rental shops, service stations, e-bike shops or battery charging stations.

Two types of battery charging cabinets are available:

  • 6 or 9 boxes hanging locker (mounted to the wall)
  • 9 lockers free-standing locker.

The body of the cabinet is solid, made of sheet metal protected by the zirconium conversion method. Powder coating painting protects against corrosion. Additionally, the paint is non-flammable. Each locker has a perforation on the front door and rear walls, that allow ventilation and is locked with a cylindrical lock. It is possible to install other locks according to the user’s requirements, e.g. a combination lock. The maximum power of the cabinet is 3680 W. The cabinet is equipped with an overcurrent fuse which guarantees the safety of use.

The battery charging cabinet is a good solution for every e-bike owner. Solid construction helps to secure the charging process, protects against theft and access by children. It is a discreet, safe and the best place to recharge your bicycle batteries.

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