Choose once but smart

You surely remember a situation when one of your things got damaged. Torn headphones or damaged t-shirt after the second wash are always frustrating. What is behind the fact that items with similar features and functional values differ so much in their resistance to damage and durability? The strength of items is directly related to the material they are made of and the quality of production. It is said that “who buys cheap pays twice”. We hope you save wisely and always choose quality and durability for years, instead of investing in cheaper, short-term solutions.

No wasting – gaining

We produce furniture for people who value long-term solutions because we focus on them ourselves. At every stage of the production process, we are guided by the care for our environment. Thanks to our photovoltaic farm, the energy from the sun covers 30% of the energy demanded of the factory. Malow’s renewable energy sources prevent over 700 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere each year. In addition, our pro-ecological activities save over 18,000 trees each year, which do not need to be cut down. Therefore, the high quality and long-term durability of Malow’s products begins at the stage of obtaining energy.

With robot precision

The mass of information that we encounter on the Internet may cause a headache. Distinguishing truth from fake news is difficult, so you should trust only certain sources of knowledge. When browsing through objects on the Internet, perception is limited to images that arise from understatements. Online shopping runs the risk of disappointment with what we see in reality comparing to what we saw in the photos.

To avoid frustration, it is worth buying products from proven manufacturers. This is what Malow is like – transparent, solid and proven. We transfer these features to our products and ensure the highest quality. A lot of specialists ensure compliance with the standards set out by ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015. Malow’s furniture is made on modern production lines with automatic robots which ensure the highest, serial, always repeatable quality of production. Additionally, we test Malow’s products in our CBR laboratory which is on our premises.

The trust that has been placed on us for the last 35 years by demanding customers in Poland and all over Europe is based on the foundations of the highest quality products at an affordable price. Good material has its value, and “great deals” for a quarter of the price are usually cheap fakes, and you should watch out for them.

Our modern machine park and a team of specialists taking care of the highest quality of products certainly aroused your curiosity. If yes, reply to us at which part of our production you want to know better in the next edition of the blog!

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