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Manufacture of various types of metal furniture is the basic business profile of the corporation. Nevertheless, Malow is constantly getting involved into a plenty of other tasks, not related to production. We support local town community as well as numerous regional initiatives, particularly Corporate Social Responsibility. It is based on the principles of social dialogue and pursuit for solutions, which are beneficial for our environment:

Since the beginning Malow company have got engaged into various social initiatives of different types. We recognize charity as an important aspect of corporate social responsibility.

MALOW Sp. z o.o. apart from manufacturing metal furniture is still a company which is open and friendly for its surrounding. Through our social mission we financially support numerous local initiatives, culture, education and organisations helping children. We also support effort of people and organisations taking ambitious challenges.


As for supporting sport, we have been a sponsor of Badminton Club in Suwałki – SKB ‘Litpol-Malow’ for many years. With this team we have already been celebrating 17 Titles of Polish Club Master and we are hoping that it is not the end. It is the most professional and the best organised badminton club in Poland. Our players participated in Olympic Games in Rio, London, Atlanta, Sydney, the Athens and Beijing. They are multiple winners of European and World Tournaments, took part in foreign tournaments in Switzerland, World Grand Prix in Brunei, Singapore, Germany Open and Holland Open.

However, the badminton players are not the only sportsmen we support. These are also football players of the Wigry Suwałki club – the most popular sports club in our town, which made it into the 1st league in 2014. In its rich, almost seventy-year-old history this club raised a lot of prominent football players, among others Polish representatives (Wojciech Kowalewski, Patryk Małecki).

In 2014 we became one of the sponsors of the first-league Ślepsk Suwałki volleyball team, which during 2018/2019 season won its first championship of the 1st Men Volleyball League, getting promoted to PlusLiga at the same time. We were the main sponsor of 70th Polish Junior Championships U20 in athletics. For his contribution to the development of local sport, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board – Henryk Owsiejew was awarded with a Title of Suwałki Sport Patron by President of Suwałki Czesław Renkiewicz in October 2013.


Since the beginning Malow company have got engaged into various types of social initiatives. Charity activity is for us an important act of manifestation of corporate social responsibility.

• we help non-governmental organisations which run educational facilities, hospices and foundations,
• we support financially Christmas events and summer and winter holidays of children from poor and dysfunctional families
• we support financially organisations providing meals to the homeless and the poor as well as local actions helping the ill
• for many years we have been supporting local schools and educational establishments through donating equipment and we have been helping schools financially e.g. with promoting innovative student ideas.br>
•we joined DKMS foundation campaign ‚Together against leukaemia’ through organising a Bone Marrow Donor Day in our company.
every year we support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and the Noble Gift project


Our support is not limited only to sport. With our actions we try to support cultural events. In 2010 we took part in making the live recording of Sławek Wierzchowski, Jan Błędowski and Nocna Zmiana Bluesa concert in Suwałki. Moreover, since the beginning we are the sponsor of a worldwide famous Suwałki Blues Festival.


We do not forget another important field which is education. In 2016 we joined the programme of scholarship support Stowarzyszenie Odkrywcy Diamentów (Diamond Discoverers Association) which support young and talented habitants of Podlasie region. The programme aims at financial support for the talented and effectively working groups of teenagers to enable them participation in international and national contests in science and technical fields, especially technology, engineering, industrial design, mathematics and managing. We signed the agreement with the Suwałki Town Hall on cooperation for professional training development. Its goal is to create strong, industrial centres of professional training which will respond to local labour maket demand. For many years we have sponsored awards in the inter-school competition entitled ‘Show us your skills, a profession is the key to success’ organised by Technical School Complex in Suwałki.


Taking into consideration natural values of the Suwałki region, Malow Sp. z o.o. consciously took measures as far as organisation and environmental resource management are concerned. These are oriented in respecting natural environment for the benefit of future generations. Actions related to natural environment are coordinated under the system of environmental resource management in compliance with requirements of ISO 14001. Environmental resource management is one of our priority and we systematically review and assess the existing environmental aspects. We will constantly improve parameters of the existing major environmental aspects through setting appropriate environmental goals.

As for improvement of impact on environment we aim at:

We are a company which is open and eco-friendly. We are glad that with our actions we are able to support effort of people and organisations which face ambitious challenges.

Our current activities

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