Filing cabinets of increased fire resistance SamW 1a, 2a, 3a

SamW reinforced filing cabinets with increased resistance to fire are a series of modern office furniture, which considerably increases comfort of work in every company, plant, warehouse, office, school or clinic.

Inside doors of these multifunctional cabinets there is a filling made of non-flammable mineral wool, protecting from fire. Thanks to such solution all important documents are additionally secured. Doors is equipped with A-class certified cylinder lock. Thanks to such solutions, filing cabinets reinforced SamW guarantee security and protection of documents. They also meet requirements for storing GDPR documents. There are adjustable shelves of maximum load of 60 kg. There are three versions of cabinets available: Sam W 1a (1500x700x550mm), Sam W 2a (1950x950x550mm) and Sam W 3a (1950x1260x550mm).

For special orders concerning SAM W we also offer an in-built compartment, extendable shelves and frame shelves. Also, at request there is a possibility of fixing the cabinet to the floor and a code lock. The cabinets are available in the full range of our standard RAL palette. Thanks to that, SAM W cabinets can meet requirements of even the most demanding customers.

Filing cabinets reinforced SAM W are firm and durable, giving long-term satisfaction and non-inflammable filling increases security of the stored documents. Security and multifunctionality was never such simple, thanks to SAM W.

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