Geometric lockers

Geometric locker is an innovative and interesting solution for social rooms and worker cloakrooms. These lockers allow to interestingly arrange rooms, while at the same time ensuring functionality and maximum use of space. It is possible to arrange them in circle, semi-circle, corner. Thanks to such solutions and a wide colour palette and possibility of UV print on doors, wardrobe lockers look great in modern interiors and decorate them.

[embedyt][/embedyt] Lockers in the clip are with prints on the doors and are equipped with VERSA electronic locks (at special request)

  • Versa RFID RFID Electronic locks integrate with working environment, providing increased security and protection.
  • These are touch RFID lock. A RFID card or a wrist band is provided as well as programming keys.
  • Locks ensure battery life for 54 000 cycles of opening or locking.

In Versa Standard locks there is an option of programming and managing locks using mobile device. Mobile application allows for simplified programming, managing and audit trail. Mobile application saves e.g. opening time, locking time together with a user name.

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