GS mark

We proudly inform you that the TÜV Rheinland Certificate and GS mark (Geprüfte Sicherheit – “proved safety”) will appear on our lockers from 23rd of November. GS is one of the most recognizable safety marks in Europe. We obtained it after our products have been rigorously tested and are supervised by an independent institute on European health and safety standards. GS also guarantees constant supervision of safety, correctness and completeness of instructions.

By ordering Sbm M and Szk cabinets after 23rd November you gain:

  • Product with desired TÜV certificate and GS mark, distinguishing it from the competition!  
  • Levelling feet are now standard!  
  • Compliance with European safety standards guaranteed!
  • Unchanged price!

GS mark has been used since 1979 as a safety mark and proof of testing the product for compliance with statutory health and safety requirements. It is also important that the product has been approved and remains under constant supervision of independent institutions helping to protect the consumer.

Adjustable feet in cabinets allow for their stable placement on uneven surfaces, thus ensuring safe and stable document storage. They are adjustable and made of durable plastic. Cabinets placed on adjustment feet mustn’t be moved.

TÜV Rheinland certificates and GS mark mean that a product has undergone thorough and rigorous certification procedures by TÜV Rheinland laboratory and do not apply to models other than those mentioned in a certificate and modified products.

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