How do we protect our products against corrosion?

One of the eco-innovations used in Malow is the anticorrosive protection of metal elements through zirconium conversion. On such prepared surfaces the next step is powder painting, which after hardening forms an impermeable coating that perfectly protects against corrosion for many years.

ZIRCONIUM CONVERSION is a modern method of applying a protective layer directly on the steel sheet, resulting in a durable anti-corrosion coating.

The entire 5-step process consists of thoroughly degreasing, washing and drying the metal sheet. Next, all elements go to the spray chamber, where a zirconium layer is formed on the steel surface – a coating that protects against corrosion. After rinsing and drying, the elements go to powder coating, and then to be assembled and shipped.

The use of the zirconium conversion process has many advantages:

  • provides a very good anti-corrosion protection – 2 times higher than the standard iron phosphating
  • significantly improves paint adhesion
  • prevents the formation of rust under the paint layer – the tests have shown that the zirconium conversion protects the sheet made of carbon steel exposed to salt in a salt chamber for up to 480h (according to the PN-EN ISO 9227: 2017-06 standard)
  • protects metal furniture during transport, storage and usage
  • we are ECO – The use of modern methods of zirconium conversion and powder painting eliminated the use of environmentally hazardous substances in Malow. This reduced the consumption of water and energy. In addition, our own photovoltaic farm provides us with an ecological source of electricity.

Thanks to this, our products are environmentally friendly and serve for many years.

The protection of the furniture surface by zirconium conversion and powder coating guarantees that, when used as intended, rust will not occur for a long period of time. This is also evidenced by the fact that we provide a 5-year warranty for our furniture (including the paint layer) !!!

Thanks to many layers of metal protection, our furniture will serve users for many years, and the color will be the same as on the day of delivery.


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