Hygienic attestation of WNL and WNL trolleys

We want our products to stand out on the market. Therefore, we pay attention to the added values of products, their key features and strengths. One of the ways we do that is by certifying our products, as the certificates prove that the products marked with them are safe for human health and environmentally friendly and have been tested by experts and positively evaluated by them. By opting for additional product approvals, we show that we care about the high quality of our products.

WNT and WNL tablet and laptop trolleys have been certified for hygienic approval and passed the certification with a positive result.

The PZH hygiene certificate defines a product that does not have a negative impact both on human health and the environment. It is issued by an institution authorised to assess quality – National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene (NIZP-PZH). It is one of the oldest research institutions in Poland, operating in the basic fields of public health. During certification, a given product is analysed thoroughly in terms of its chemical composition, mechanical properties and quality. Moreover, it is subjected to many examinations and tests. After fulfilling the standards and criteria, it receives a PZH certificate.

Until recently, PZH certification was compulsory for most materials and equipment used in the construction industry, as well as for water and air conditioning installations. Currently, since 01.01.2016, the regulations have been changed, so that the certificate is only required for a group of products that come into contact with water fit for human consumption. In other cases, it is not a mandatory document. These changes are intended to minimise the pollution of water and the harmful effects of substances introduced into its circulation. In the case of metal furniture, the PZH certificate is not obligatory, however our social responsibility for our products, sense of duty and concern for people’s health and environmental safety made us apply for it. With positive results 😊.

WNL laptop trolleys

WNT tablet trolleys

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