Malow metal furniture certificates

As a manufacturer of metal furniture, we make sure that our product is of high quality, professional, safe and concern for the environment. This is evidenced by the certificates held by Malow (not only required but also additional – voluntary). These are i.a. safety mark B, hygienic certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene, ISO certificates, GS quality mark.

“B” safety mark

Voluntary product certification carried out by accredited companies independent of the manufacturer – the Polish Center for Accreditation.  It is an additional guarantee for the client that this manufacturer’s products meet the normative requirements. The product is safe, the process and materials for their production are of the highest quality and periodically controlled.

Malow – a manufacturer of metal furniture that meets the above-mentioned standards, has been given the option of marking its specific products with the “B safety mark”.

The following families (WSU and MSU) of Malow metal furniture have undergone such certification at PCBC Warsaw and we can mark them with the appropriate “B” mark (shown on the certificates).

WSU lockers certificate

MSU lockers certificate

PZH hygienic certificate

The PZH (National Institute of Hygiene) approval is granted for a product that does not adversely affect human health and the natural environment. It is issued based on a producer’s application and issued by an institution authorized to assess quality – the National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene (NIZP-PZH). , A given product is thoroughly analyzed in terms of composition, mechanical properties and quality before obtaining approval. Moreover, it is subjected to numerous examinations and tests. Only after meeting the standards and criteria does it obtain a certificate from the National Institute of Hygiene.

Until recently, the PZH certificate was obligatory for most materials and devices used in the construction industry, as well as in water and air conditioning systems.

Currently – from 01/01/2016 – the regulations have been changed, the approval is required only for products that come into contact with drinking water. As a manufacturer of metal furniture – we are responsible for our products. Thanks to the fulfilment of the above-mentioned standards and passing the certification process, Malow Sp. z o.o. obtained the possibility of marking his products with the PZH (National Institute of Hygiene) certificate.

The certificate applies only to the products listed therein.

PZH hygenic certificate

ISO certification

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) – this is the international organization that deals with the preparation of quality standards. Standards developed by this organization concern practically every field. ISO is an independent organization – it is not influenced by entrepreneurs, corporations or the government.

The most important role of ISO is to define the quality standards that are in use in a given industry. A company that adjusts its activities to these standards obtains an ISO certificate confirms the high quality of services and products. The accrediting company carries out an audit and issues a certificate. In Poland, the activity of accreditation companies is confirmed by the PCA, i.e. the Polish Center for Accreditation.

The ISO certificate confirms the high quality of products or services offered by Malow. The customer can be sure that the quality of services has been checked by an authorized and professional certification body.

The certificates confirm that MALOW Sp. z o. o. has implemented a quality management system following the ISO 9001: 2015 standard and an environmental management system following the ISO 14001: 2015 standard and successfully implement both systems. It is worth noting that Malow was one of the first in the country to receive ISO 9001 certification in 2001 and ISO 14001 in 2005, and it successfully renews them every year. Thanks to meeting ISO standards, our company, producing metal furniture, proudly marks its products with the 9001: 2015 quality certificate and the 14001: 2005 environmental certificate.

ISO 9001 certificate

ISO 14001 certificate

GS quality mark and TUV GS certificate

The GS mark is a voluntary certification. This means that the product complies with German (and if possible European) safety requirements. It confirms the high quality of the product. The abbreviation GS comes from the words “Geprüfte Sicherheit” (“proven safety”), but the English translation is also “German Safety” (extended version “German Equipment Safety Law”). Although the GS mark was designed with the German market in mind, it appears on a large proportion of electronic products, machinery and other products sold elsewhere in the world. It is recognized by masses of customers and associated with high quality and product safety.

The GS mark is based on the German Product Safety Act (“Produktsicherheitsgesetz” or “ProdSG”). According to ProdSG, the manufacturer can market a product that does not endanger the safety and health of the user through its use or foreseeable misuse.

The main difference between the GS and CE marks is that the compliance of the GS mark with European safety requirements has been tested and certified by an independent body approved by the state. The GS mark can only be confirmed by accredited testing laboratories. Such a laboratory guarantees that both the requirements of legal regulations and the requirements specified by the manufacturer are met.

The CE marking is instead issued as a declaration that the product complies with European legislation.

As a designated testing institute, TÜV Rheinland checks that the product complies with the quality and safety requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Regulations (ProdSG). In addition, the examination of compliance with the specifications of the GS mark includes many European standards for individual products and the analysis of the operating instructions for correctness and completeness.

The certificate applies only to the products listed therein.

Szk filing cabinets GS certificate

Sbm cabinets GS certificate

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