MKB lockers for clean and dirty clothing storage

MKB lockers are very practical utility lockers used, among other things, for the distribution of health and safety articles, picking up clean clothes and returning dirty ones. Each locker is locked with an independent key and the common frame makes it possible to open all lockers at the same time. Person in charge of distribution of work and safety materials has access to all lockers so as to control stock levels and replenish them regularly, while each employee retrieves his or her allocation individually.

The main advantage of MKB cabinets is a significant reduction in consumption of OHS materials, and thus reduction in costs. The module with a holder for a bag for dirty clothes enables dirty clothes to be easily dropped in through the drop opening in the door. The modular construction of MKB lockers allow for their free configuration and gives the possibility to combine them with other social cabinets from our offer.

Applied technology of surface preparation through the process of zirconium phosphating and zirconium conversion of metal, provides very good paint adhesion and proper anti-corrosion protection.

Used powder coating is certified by the Polish Institute of Hygiene as free of heavy metals and harmful substances and has a fire classification for non-flammable products. The lockers have a 5-year warranty!

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How do we protect our products against corrosion?

One of the eco-innovations used in Malow is the anticorrosive protection of metal elements through zirconium conversion. On such prepared surfaces the next step is powder painting, which after hardening forms an impermeable coating that perfectly protects against corrosion for many years.

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UV-C disinfection is convenient and environmentally friendly. The used disinfecting lamp does not produce ozone (no need to ventilate the room after irradiation), it effectively neutralizes microorganisms and viruses.

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