Mobile washbasin set

We would like to introduce you to a perfect solution for maintaining hand hygiene in companies, plants, warehouses, public places, offices, garages, shops, clinics, schools, nursery schools, lots, chalets and other places which at present need additional equipping with hand sanitation devices or where there is no possibility to connect it to clean water and drain of dirty water.

The device does not require to be connected to running water and drain, because there are two 20-litre containers, which are in the trolley (one container is meant for clean water and the other one for dirty water). A pump, which is in the container for clean water is turned on with a foot pedal. After pressing it, water is pumped to the sink next to the washbasin.

There is also a handle for a roll of kitchen towel and two adjustable boxes provided. In addition, there is a possibility to attach a ŁAP elbow dispenser for hand sanitizer.

A mobile washbasin set is a very practical and versatile solution, especially these days, when maintaining sanitary regime is particularly important.

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