MPO Waste segregation bins – part I

We are all responsible for natural environment!

Our offer of MPO waste segregation bins has been present in the market for a few years already. For the existing bins we are offering a NEW PRODUCT: Waste Segregation Bin for small things such as batteries, lightning bulbs (common and LED), corks and others. Its size and design are adapted to the already existing MPO bins. In order to mark waste, there is a set of four pictograms included. With our bins it will be no longer necessary to bring every dangerous waste or e-waste to point of selective collection of municipal waste or keep them in random places. It will be possible to collect them safely and aesthetically and hand them over in a convenient time.

The new bin is of the following dimensions: height: 1220 mm, width: 400 mm, depth: 450 mm. There is a possibility to adjust dimensions to individual needs.

The existing MPO waste bins are available in three versions in our standard offer, every compartment may be equipped with a handle for up to 120-litre bag or galvanised bins for waste. In addition, every bin is based on feet, what facilitates maintaining cleanliness in a room. Self-closing lids facilitate throwing rubbish away and prevent giving off odours. Lids are painted in colours for all types of waste according to rules defined by Environmental Ministry. Moreover, in order to facilitate identification of waste there is a set of six pictograms included. At customer request (at an extra charge) it is possible to mark them with other labels. Obviously, every waste bin can be painted in any colour from our standard RAL palette.

With this post we are opening a series of advice ‘How to segregate waste?’. We would like to invite you to follow our blog.

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