Multimedia classes

In the dressing room it was loudly as usual. Kids left overthere everything what was is not necessary for the next lesson. They left all the school supplies which had been used on previous math lesson. English lesson had been coming. Sofie was closing her cabinet when Adalbert came to her.

– “Thank you for your help with the code, Sofie…!” – Adalbert gave her magnet with the Clock Tower in London. – “I know that you love trips, so I wonder if you are going to like the magnet.”

Sofie hanged her new magnets inside the cabinet.

– “Thank you so much! Look” – She pointed on the magnets collection – “It is going to hang with my most precious rewards, just next to Taj Mahal! And how did you know that I dreamed about Big Ben?”

Kids’ conversation had been interrupted by Michael.

– “Have you heard about multimedia classes, guys?”

– “Multi.. what?” Asked Adalbert surprised.

– “Multi does mean plenty of something…” Sofie tried to guess.

– “You are not right! Multimedia classes means classes with laptops and tablets.” Kids opened their eyes widely, they were fruitlessly trying to join laptops and education. “But stay calm” Michael continued “Even if the laptops were for all of us, it will take a long time to carry them from the storage. Then, most of them is discharged and finally after we switch them on, we can do nothing because of problems with wi- fi in our school.”

Kids went together to the classroom, and there they took their places and were waiting for the development of the situation.

– “Hey, Sofie… I don’t think it is so simply, as Michael suggested.” He was tormented by what Michael said. “If it turns out that there are no laptops neither internet, we will have to go back, take notebooks and the lesson will run as usual.” His considerations were interrupted by Zygmunt the janitor who came to the classroom with mystery trolley. The flurry was heard among the children and Adalbert’s anxiety was growing.

Mr. Zygmunt, the janitor liked by everyone pulled the trolley in front of the blackboard and connected it to the electricity. After the trolley’s door opened, kids saw a plenty of green lamps – at this time there was no doubt, they were laptops inside.

– “Dear children, today we will conduct a multimedia English lesson. Probably many of you are wondering how it will look. Let me explain.” English teacher told. “We will learn new words with the help of online dictionaries, then we will split into groups, and during the next lesson, we will start creating presentations in the English language. Meanwhile, please, come to the trolley and take one of full charged laptops. Then come back to your desks. I will switch on Access Point and then we will use fast and safe internet in our classroom.”

Michael’s forecasts were wrong. Everybody was surprised. The trolley with ability to charge devices changed their simple classroom into well prepared and advanced multimedia class.

All of the kids were happy about the lesson. Multimedia classes, as all good things must come to an end. After lesson pupils put laptops into the trolley, plugged them to the electricity and teacher closed the trolley with the key. Thanks to WNL trolley, the organisation of multimedia classes ran smoothly. Devices were plugged inside the trolley waiting for the next group of students. Everyone enjoyed the multimedia classes, but Michael’s enthusiasm was suspicious.

– “So do you like the multimedia classes?” Adalbert asked.

– Z”I have always liked them, I was the only one who knew what does multimedia classes mean. I have something much more better…” He showed a bunch of keys. “I am not sure, but it could be Mr. Zygmunt’s”. Kids looked at each other with concern.

– “Give it back to him!” Sofie told.

– “Yes, I will. But first I need to check something…” 😉

to be continued…

Safe storage, fast charging and fast surfing

WNL Trolley arouse enthusiasm not only among kids. This is the best way to store and charge laptops in places where there are a lot of them and it needs supervision. Proper exploitation of the electronical devices extends its service life. Thanks WNL and WNT trolleys made by Malow your devices will be always ready for use. Possibility to equip the trolley with Access Point guarantee fast and safe internet network.

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