OMBRE – innovative method of metal furniture powder coating

     The word OMBRE derives from French word ‘shadow’ and means gradual brightening, and if to interpret it quite freely: developing one colour into another.

     MALOW as the first in market offer metal doors powder coating with innovative OMBRE technique. It is a novelty in domestic and European market! It is restricted in Patent Office as a industrial design. Any colours from RAL palette may be combined, creating original and unique combinations. Every doors is different. It is impossible to make two identical combinations, what makes the locker fabulously colourful and special. This painting method allows to create unconventional, spectacular and original combinations of colours, what influences the aesthetic perception of the whole locker. The only limit is imagination…

Below there are some lockers in random combinations of colours:


Obviously, there are no limits to combinations of colours. Here are some of our suggestions::



Colours come from the palette below:


Please watch the clip, which presents social lockers painted with OMBRE method and careful zoom of the tinted doors.

Beautiful, aren’t they?

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