RFID electronic locks

The RFID locks are a good choice, when safe storage of extremely valuable items is needed e. g. documents, money, cell phones, keys or guns. The manufacturer guarantees the lock’s resistance to dust and moisture in accordance with the IP55 classification, and a battery life of 3-5 years.
Usage of locks is very easy and comfortable, it’s consists of inserting a code ( locks with keypad), putting on card or personal key (locks with RFID technology). Modern, simple construction and humidity resistance helps with maintaining the sanitary regime, which is very important in these days. In lockers with that lock system you may all items, to which any unauthorized person shouldn’t have access. Due to the fact, that users store very diverse items, it is possible to adapt the equipment of the lockers to individual needs (additional shelves, bars, hangers, additional partitions, etc.). A solid metal casing and an electronic lock allow for even safer and more convenient storage of items. Opening a locker by an unauthorized person is much more difficult than in the case of traditional locks.
Available two types of the RFID electronic locks:
  1. Electronic lock Sola RFID – easy to use. To open the door you need to press the key icon, put on a RFID card (or use a key), and then twist the handle. When using this type of lock, the door will be made with additional reinforcement in the middle.
  1. Electronic lock with keyboard Sola Keypad – this one is easy to use too and has additional feature- keypad to insert a code. To open the door you need to press the key icon, insert four digit code (or use a key), and then twist the handle. When using this type of lock, the door will be made with closed profile type WSU/MSU.
Features of the RFID electronic locks :
Versatility, ease of use, robust metal lock construction, long battery life, system to prevent breaking the code and up to 5 years warranty are all features of a product you should trust.
RFID electronic locks are perfect for the following places:
  • offices, workplaces, service companies, production plants
  • schools, universities, libraries and other educational institutions
  • theatres, cinemas, museums, concert halls, exhibitions
  • courts, police stations, customs offices
  • hospitals and medical facilities
  • train stations, airports, tram and bus loops
  • stadiums and all sports facilities
  • fitness clubs, swimming pools, playgrounds, amusement parks
  • hotels, holiday centres, sanatoriums, apartment buildings
  • car showrooms and service points
  • car rentals
High durability, modern look – the locks perfectly adapt to modern fitness clubs, wellness centres or gyms. Their modern design ennobles the interior of the cloakroom, and the ease of use improves the user’s comfort. In combination with lockers with prints, they create a stylish and unique atmosphere of the room.
Thanks to their IP55 rating, electronic locks are ideal for use in areas where resistance to dirt and moisture is required – swimming pool locker rooms, aqua parks, sports club changing rooms and wellness centres. An additional advantage is the possibility of using a comfortable and waterproof wristband, which is perfect wherever convenience is important.
These locks can be installed in social wardrobe lockers type Sum and Sus (up to a maximum of 5 compartments vertically). You can find more information in catalogue cards and manuals – in the attachment.

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