SbmM office cabinets – levelling system

Sbm M office cabinets are perfect to functionally, practically and representatively arrange every working space. Their solid construction is made of high-quality steel and ensures safety and organisation of the stored binders, archives or other documents. Sbm M cabinets are key locked.

An important advantage of our Sbm M cabinets with wing doors is levelling feet, installed to the bottom, at customer request. We would like to emphasise that we are the only domestic manufacturer offering cabinet levelling from the inside of the cabinet (!!!). Thanks to such solution, user may easily arrange the piece of furniture according to their needs and adjust height any time, without turning the cabinet over. It allows to save time and is a safe and easy solution. Feet allow to move the cabinet, too.

Additional advantage of our cabinets: we offer a wide variety of standard colours. 16 RAL colours without additional charge!




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NSZK top cabinets

According to British “The Economist”, working in home office is less effective than stationary work. It means that demand on office space is going to increase. Top cabinets are a great idea to increase capacity of filling cabinets, as they do not require additional space in the room. They are an optimal choice wherever you want to extend the storage space for documents while saving space in the room. The stacks of documents are problem nevermore, when you use NSZK cabinets.
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Malow metal furniture certificates

As a manufacturer of metal furniture, we make sure that our product is of high quality, professional, safe and concern for the environment.

How do we protect our products against corrosion?

One of the eco-innovations used in Malow is the anticorrosive protection of metal elements through zirconium conversion. On such prepared surfaces the next step is powder painting, which after hardening forms an impermeable coating that perfectly protects against corrosion for many years.

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