Spring cleaning – how to prepare for it?

After cold and gloomy winter weather, spring comes – it’s time to thoroughly clean and tidy up. Nature comes to life, the sun shines more and more confidently, mobilizing us to be active. Warm rays falling through the windows brutally reveal smudges on windows and floors as well as dust on shelves.

We are planing spring cleaning step by step

If you are not sure where to start spring cleaning – we suggest. Plan outdoor work on clear days. In the rest, take care of the interior. Remember not to clean everything at once. It is very important to be well prepared.

Keep your janitor locker tidy from the very beginning

Start by cleaning the janitor locker for brushes, mops, a vacuum cleaner and household chemicals. By organizing lockers, you will quickly see what you need, how many unnecessary things you have and you will free up space. Thanks to this, everything will be at your fingertips and you will properly prepare for spring cleaning.

MSAU janitor lockers

Malow offers professional janitor lockers for people who care about order. At work or at home, MSAU janitor lockers help to store everything necessary for cleaning and secure it properly.

Janitor lockers are available in the following options:

  • equipped with 4 shelves (MSU 60, 80)
  • divided by a vertical partition, with 4 shelves in the left part, 1 shelf in the right part and a bar with 3 hooks for clothes (MSU 61, 81)
  • divided by an incomplete vertical partition, where the left part has 4 shelves, and the right part has a compartment with special holders for brushes and mops and a place for a bucket (MSU 62, 82)
  • divided by a vertical partition, where both parts have a shelf and a bar with 3 hooks for clothes (MSU 63, 83)
Szafy gospodarcze MSAU Malow
Extensions for MSAU janitor lockers

And if you need even more space, you can install top units for janitor lockers. Thanks to this, you will additionally use the space above the lockers. Top units are available with or without a shelf. Closed with a solid bolt lock at two points (top and bottom).

Szafy gospodarcze MSAU Malow

MSAU janitor lockers can also be equipped with legs, sockle, base or slanted top. These solutions will help to keep the lockers clean and to adapt to the existing arrangement. Legs and bases enable leveling the cabinet with adjustable feet. This is the best solution for professionals – many options to choose from, with the possibility of additional equipment. We give a 5-year warranty on our janitor lockers. And any of the 16 colors from our RAL palette at no extra charge. If you have a utility room at work, school or home – this locker should be there.

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