SRM reinforced cabinets for drawings

                Aristotle once said, ,,Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”. The Greek philosopher’s thought is timeless and current even nowadays. We are aware of his words, so we strive for perfection to satisfy our customers.

                Excellence is a habit, so it’s part is work culture and ergonomics. You can make your workshop more ergonomic by arranging in it a solid and reliable metal cabinet for storing large size drawings, maps and documents (A1, A0). Our SRMW cabinet with additional reinforcement is made with attention to detail by Malow’s experienced specialists. The cabinet is available with five or ten drawers, so it provides you with space for storing your large size documents. SRMW reinforcement’s construction allows stacking cabinets one on another, in arrangement of 10+10 or 5+5+5+5 (number of drawers). The reinforcement is includes use of bent profiles which let the cabinet structure to withstand more load, like additional SRMW modules standing one on another. The possibility of stacking cabinets allows you to store three times more documents on the same surface. Every drawer withstands up to 40 kilograms of load. Look for more information in Malow’s catalogue card.

                We encourage you to make your work space more ergonomic and practical with new reinforced Malow’s SRMW cabinet. Strive to perfection united with the pleasure of use.

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