Take care of yourself and others

In times of coronavirus pandemic, we need to function as normal as possible, work, to move and do daily duties. Every day we go to work, shopping, we use public transport. Everything, of course, within the limits of safety and strictly in accordance with the sanitary regime. We have designed another product, that will allow to take even more care of ourselves and others.

We introduce KDSA stationary column for hand disinfection which is a response to present market needs and is very popular. The main advantages are:

  • Can be used inside
  • No need for power supply
  • Easy to use and elegant design
  • Versatility and reliability
  • Simply design
  • Affordable price

KDSA column will be useful wherever we share space with other people, especially:

  • At shop entrances and nursery schools
  • At entrances to factories and social rooms
  • On production halls
  • In hospitals and pharmacies
  • In offices and the buildings of public transport.

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