Trolley for room disinfection WAM + Elbow Hand Sanitizer Dispenser ŁAP

In present global epidemiological situation maintaining cleanliness and room disinfection are particularly important, especially in public spaces. Access to cleaning products must be easy and sterile. An ideal solution, meeting the above assumptions is trolley for room disinfection WAM. The WAM trolley construction, a wide range of accessories and equipment allow to configure according to individual needs and adapt it to various rooms and hygienic equipment.

In order to maximise sterility and epidemiological security there is a possibility – at special request – to paint the trolley with antibacterial paint.

In addition, there is a hand sanitizer dispenser ŁAP – elbow, equipped with a bottle with a pump for hand sanitizer and made of stainless steel. We do not sell individual hand sanitizers.


Download product card of the trolley for room disinfection WAM


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