UV print on lockers

Malow has launched into its offer a possibility to put UV print on the locker’s doors. We are able to print anything; including artwork provided by the Customer. But what exactly is a UV print?

UV print is at present the most innovative solution in the area of digital print which can be put on any kind of flat surface, including print on metal, glass or PVC. It is the most modern technique which enables to get the highest-quality pictures of high wear resistance in a wide range of materials, which are practically impossible to be printed using other techniques and maintain the same quality requirements.

Print produced with this method is an alternative to screen printing or cover the surface with printed foil. UV print is a kind of print which is obtained directly on a given material. UV prints are clearer, sharper than solvent printing. In UV printing when a drop falls onto the surface it is hardened with UV light and it cannot change its size, therefore sharp image quality is provided. As it is immediately hardened, in a UV print it is possible to add more paint and obtain more intense colours.

UV print guarantees aesthetical view, true reflection of colours and photographic quality of the picture – due to that fact, it is excellent in an inside exhibition (it odourless) and outside (it is fully resistant to weather conditions). The only condition is that the surface must be smooth and uniform. The print is eco-friendly and safe for heath, ready to use. UV print is fourfold more resistant to external conditions than standard solvent prints.

Thanks to UV print, Malow may offer customers products of a new, original design. Thanks to this technology, which is an exception in the metal furniture market, it is possible to adapt the look of the pieces of furniture to individual needs of every customer. Lockers may be beautified with graphic art, numbered, or marked according to their purpose. Decorating Malow pieces of furniture with a UV print and enjoying its surrounding may lead to greater satisfaction and motivation to work or study, or a greater work efficiency. Imagination is the only limit, so it is worth letting your imagination run wild and surprise others with an original, individual idea.

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