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ATTENTION! ATTENTION! #Malow is also now on #Linkedin


Linkedin is a professional B2B platform for networking and sharing content. Its main purpose is to make business contacts easier. It has a strictly business character.

Linkedin is an international social networking site, which has been operating since May 2003. It is pecializing in professional and business contacts. Linkedin is the world’s largest network of professionals, a chance for company development and establishing contacts with other companies.

Linkedin is easy to use and is helpful in marketing the company.

To be on Linkedin, register on the platform at https://Linkedin.com The whole process is fast, simple and free. A well-managed Linkedin profile is an opportunity to stand out from the competition and increase visibility on the Internet. The profile allows you to follow trends in the industry, it is also a showcase of the company.

The company’s chance to establish cooperation.

Linkedin is built that every activity of people associated with the company builds brand awareness. Commenting, recommending an article, or writing on a group, give the opportunity to see who we you and where you work. Profiles associated with the company brand testify to a stable workplace and employee commitment. On Linkedin, we can inform about the company’s achievements, new offers and events for the company life.

Company employees will benefit too when they set up an account on Linkedin.

It is possible to visit employee profiles, communicate via chat, create groups and publish “content for company employees only”. In the profile, you can find a lot of information useful, for example, when looking for a job, internship or apprenticeship.

Linkedin is gaining more and more popular among users from Poland. According to the semcore.pl website, Linkedin is responsible for 97% of all B2B leads generated in social media. Linkedin helps you reach potential customers, specialists and business partners.

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