Welded structure – trusted cabinets

What connects Malow’s furniture with Volvo? The answer is the welding technology used to join steel elements together. Metal furniture serves for years so they have to be carefully crafted because functionality and safety are at stake. Serial welding is more effective than self-assembling. Because of many factors.

Welded structure – trusted cabinets

            First of all – the welding process in Malow factory is carried out with the highest standards. This is confirmed by the certificates of compliance with the ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO14001: 2015 standards. This means that it is carried out in series – in accordance with detailed instructions and in accordance with strict quality rules. The entire process of creating furniture is controlled and meticulously checked. Each time, the assembly begins with the selection of appropriate technical documentation. Before the cabinet is put on the assembly table, it is necessary to prepare the workplace. Every tool and piece of furniture has its place. Then the individual parts of the cabinet are delivered to the workshop in the right order. The sequence is important – the procedure has been planned so as to ensure the best access to the welding surface at each stage. Finally, the quality is checked before the wardrobe goes to the paint shop. The fitter, like in a Toyota factory from the 20th century, looks at his work to make sure that the product is perfect, and free of the slightest defects. The cabinet is measured, and right angles and welded surfaces are checked. Prepared in this way, it leaves the assembly station and continues its journey along the production line, to soon become a full-fledged, stable and long-lasting utility Malow’s product. Our factory uses robots that perform this entire process automatically. We wrote about them in previous post.

“It’s a finished product – you get what you ordered and enjoy your stable, perfectly assembled Malow’s furniture for many years!”

            Metal cabinets, just like cars, should be assembled by specialists in order to serve long, reliably and safely. You wouldn’t want a DIY car, so why would you choose a wardrobe in elements? Choose complete, so assembled, high-quality products from Malow – choose wisely, once and well.

            Folding cabinets from a package are exposed to move in the connection points. Elements connected with sheet metal screws with a screwdriver will work under the load, and the holes into which the screws are screwed will be weakened. Assembling the cabinet while maintaining all right angles and deviations at a level of less than 0.5 mm is unrealistic at home with the use of a screwdriver. Even the most complex DIY wardrobe will not stand the test of time and the load it is supposed to carry.

Precisely welded and securely packed

            At every stage of the production of Malow’s furniture, the quality is controlled. Painted cabinets must be protected transport so that they reach their future owner intact. In our factory, we pay attention to every detail, that is why even the packing of cabinets is carried out in series! All this is to ensure that the furniture from the Malow’s factory represents the highest quality and attention to details. Thanks to this, Malow’s products are exactly as you see in the catalogue. Metal furniture for self-assembly with screws offers much less stability, quality and durability compared to complete, i.e. assembled products. Imagine how much damage can be caused by trying to duplicate the effect of a super-precise robot programmed by specialists with a screwdriver. Bet on the highest quality, choose ready-made, solid Malow’s solutions.

The furniture you can depend on

           Malow’s furniture is the product you can depend on. They are durable and prove that metal furniture can be beautiful.

“Malow’s furniture makes the best impression live. I had to check it out. I admit that I would not dare to climb any other wardrobe from the competition, especially self-assembled with a few sheet metal screws. Taking these photos of me standing on Malow’s wardrobe, I was just sure that the structure would support an adult man holding … Another wardrobe like this!”

Equip yourself with Malow’s furniture and see for yourself what the highest quality in the world of metal furniture is.

            Remember about reliable Malow’s solitions dedicated for schools. Visit School Campaign landing page and find out more!

            If you don’t know the adventures of a group of school friends equipped with Malow’s furnitures, below you will find first episode. From the previous post you will know why it is worth to choose once and smart.

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