WNL+ trolley for laptops

WNL+ trolleys for laptops with battery charging function are meant for storing and easy transport of laptop. They are very useful in schools, universities, libraries or conference rooms, anywhere where it is possible to safely store and simultaneously charge laptops. WNL trolley is particularly functional solution in classrooms, where students must safely store and charge laptops. Thanks to WNL mobile trolley it is possible to transport laptops from one classroom to the other in a safe and easy way. WNL trolley is meant to store, secure and charge from 10 up to 30 laptops.

Safety of use: Sequencer is installed in all WNL+ trolleys, uninstalled for maintenance purposes.

  • For increased safety and reliability there is a system maintaining low load of trolley electrical installation when turning on. All sockets are available in about 2 seconds after plugging.
  • Fuse is placed at side of trolley, and lighted power off indicates power condition.
  • There is an automatic main fuse in all WNL+ trolleys.
  • Basic requirement guaranteeing safety, ensuring that trolley works under maximum 16A load.
  • IP 21 protection


Trolleys are equipped with four wheels 10 mm in diameter and 150 kg load capacity per wheel, including two with brake. The running surface of the wheels is made of rubber, which does not smudge the surface.


There are handles to move the trolley, at both sides.


  • Doors of the cabinet are locked with 2-point lock.
  • The lower edges of the trolley are secured with rubber corner.

At the right side of the trolley there is a lighted power off, fuse, permanently fixed wire 3 m long and a handle to roll the wire. The trolley with additional accessories there are also necessary communication sockets. The surface of the trolley is covered with top made of melamine 18 mm thick, hygienic class E1. There are ventilation openings in the body of the trolley, for air circulation (cooling the devices while they are charging). Body of the trolley is made of stainless steel painted with coat epoxy-polyester paints. Maximum size of stored equipment 96 x 340 x 470 mm (17”).

Additional equipment available at extra charge:

  • Router – enabling wireless data exchange between devices, sharing USB memory content, connecting to the Internet and carrying out other operations based on LAN net. Wireless transmission works both inside the trolley and the room which the trolley is in. Three sockets for connecting laptop, external net and USB device are located outside the trolley.
  • Switch devices – enabling wired connection between devices and using net in a similar way as described above. Wired connection allows for quicker and safer transmission. One socket for connecting laptop or external net is located outside the trolley.
  • D class surge protection – reducing risk of damaging devices as a result of discharging and disruptions of electric installation.
  • Power cable – separable

Trolleys come with by the declaration of conformity with a directive of the European Parliament LVD 2014/35/EU on operational safety.

  Pobierz kartę katalogową wózka do przechowywania i ładowania laptopów WNL+ karta-wnl+ wnl_2 Pobierz kartę katalogową wózka do przechowywania i ładowania laptopów Wnl 210+: – wersja z dodatkowymi przegrodami w szafce na akcesoria  

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