WNT 33G/GR tablet trolley

We have extended family of tablet trolleys with the WNT33G/GR model, which features universal battery charging and is used for storing and easy transport of tablets. This version has a new design and a slanted shelf arrangement, which protects tablets against uncontrolled sliding out. The new model also guarantees universality (possibility of charging any device with a 230V charger) and has more space in the same size of trolley (possibility of charging small laptops).

It is ideal for schools, universities, libraries, conference rooms, and wherever there is a need for safe storage and simultaneous charging of tablets. WNT trolley is a particularly functional solution in classrooms, where students need to safely store and charge tablets.

Thanks to use of universal 230V sockets, devices with different charging methods can be connected. The sequential charging system prevents overloading of electrical network when connecting the trolley.

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WNT 33Q(R)v tablet trolley

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