WNT 33Q(R)v tablet trolley

New possibilities of our WNT trolleys – disinfection with UV-C radiation

UV radiation was discovered in the 19th century. The UV-C disinfection was first used in 1910 to disinfect water. However, it gained popularity 40 years ago, when studies proofed 99% effectiveness in neutralizing microbes in the air, water, and any surface subjected to sufficient UV-C radiation.

UV-C disinfection is convenient and environmentally friendly. The used disinfecting lamp does not produce ozone (no need to ventilate the room after irradiation), it effectively neutralizes microorganisms and viruses. Unlike chemicals, it is cheaper and does not cause respiratory irritation, allergies or asthma. Effectively disinfects various surfaces, water and air. It can be used where liquids cannot be used, leaves no irritating odours and is much faster.

The popularity of this method proves that disinfection with UV-C radiation is easy, non-invasive and environmentally friendly. We can find it in aquarium lamps, air conditioning pipes, water supply systems, hospitals, dentists’ offices, laboratories, restaurants and shops. They protect our health, disinfect the rooms, where we go after surgery, and kill harmful microorganisms in tap or swimming pool water.

The WNT 33 Q(R)v charging tablets trolley is equipped with a lamp emitting UV-C radiation for effective disinfection of electronic devices stored in it. A sense of security is very important nowadays. The trolley has a laptop shelf and 32 tablets. It can also be equipped with an Access Point for wireless communication. The devices stored in it are simultaneously charging and disinfecting (!!!).

The UV-C lamp does not generate ozone or irritating odours during its operation – there is no need to ventilate the rooms while charging. The WNT33v mobile trolley is perfect for universities, conference rooms, schools and libraries, and wherever users use tablets and need to disinfect them, safely store and recharge them after work.

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