Zestaw LOV

Metal furniture is not only cloakroom or workshop. Metal furniture is also modern, functional, designer office, but original flat as well..

Our latest range of LOV furniture is just like that – designed with cooperation of a young designer Aleksandra Jakuć.

‘LOV furniture is above all functional versatility, closed in a classic, industrial form. We have created a system, which adapts to both office and housing space, each time providing them with distinct character. It includes cabinets, office desks (with possibility to adjust and dismount tops) and coffee table. Apart from versatility, the main assumption while designing it, was a desire to create minimalistic forms, while preserving proportional lightness and elegance in a modern version. I hope that the continuation of LOV will be developed by its satisfied recepients…’

Aleksandra Jakuć – designer


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Malow metal furniture certificates

As a manufacturer of metal furniture, we make sure that our product is of high quality, professional, safe and concern for the environment.

How do we protect our products against corrosion?

One of the eco-innovations used in Malow is the anticorrosive protection of metal elements through zirconium conversion. On such prepared surfaces the next step is powder painting, which after hardening forms an impermeable coating that perfectly protects against corrosion for many years.

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