How to create a good value proposition using the Malow configurator?

Looking to increase your sales and attract more customers? Personalization is a crucial trend that you should take advantage of! Customers prefer products tailored to their individual needs and preferences, and one tool that fully meets this need is the interactive and modern configurator available on

Everything at your fingertips

With the Malow configurator, your customers can create a fully personalised product that meets their expectations 100%. Everything happens right before their eyes. The configurator is also a great way to easily and interactively present the Malow offer to customers. If you want to increase sales, the configurator is a tool that will definitely help you with that. Both returning users and those who are just discovering this functionality will be delighted with its simplicity and user-friendliness. Moreover, thanks to its responsiveness, you can freely use it on a laptop or tablet and present it to your boss for approval or make an offer directly at the client's place.

Interactive marketing tool

One of the biggest advantages of the configurator is the ability to send a ready-made configuration to your office with just a few clicks. Additionally, with the distribution network map, customers can easily find points of sale for the desired furniture.

An Irresistible Proposal

With Malow's configurator, you can offer your customers something truly unique. Additionally, as an online catalogue, the configurator allows for easy comparison of products and familiarisation with catalogue prices, meaning that for larger orders, you can inquire about discounts. The key to success is focusing on your customers' needs and offering solutions that meet their requirements and expectations.

The Key to success

Thanks to the Malow configurator, customers now have unlimited possibilities to personalise their products. Sending configurations directly to the distributor and saving them in PDF format are just some of the many benefits this tool offers. Simple and intuitive use of the configurator, along with fast and professional customer service, is the key to success. Discover the potential of Malow's configurator and build a valuable offer that will attract even more satisfied customers. We're here to help you every step of the way, ensuring that your business always stays ahead!