Small locker, many possibilities

SKA1 small locker was designed to store workers safety helmets at construction sites. At present this small and solid box has many other uses.

Thanks to its modularity you can easily create standing vertical columns, hanging horizontal lockers or building niches in the wall or under the stairs.

Boxes may be used as a bedside cabinet or addon to the desk. Hung on the wall is ideal as a cupboard in a storeroom, garage, home workshop or cellar to store car liquids or chemicals, gloves and tools.

However, in a child's room, you can screw them together, add to the desk, bed or wall, creating a handy cabinet for notebooks, textbooks, school supplies, toys or clothes.

SKA1 locker is perfect wherever:

  • employees are wearing personal protective equipment (helmets, boots, gloves and others), e.g. in factories, power plants, construction sites,
  • are stoted small power tools, measurement tools, DIY tools,
  • the surroundings do not allow the use of larger cabinets, for example under stairs or in a narrow niches,
  • there is a necessity to protect items against access by children or unauthorized persons,
  • every inch of space matters,
  • modern and elegant design counts a lot

Each locker is equipped with plastic self-adhesive name tag, 1 point cylinder lock or padlock to secures stored items. There is possible to order modern electronic lock.

Thanks to small size and the possibility of screw with other boxes or hang them on the wall, they are perfect for small spaces, wherever large cabinets do not fit. With the help of SKA lockers, you can easily arrange empty corners, spaces under stairs or wall recess.