Titan of payload

SBM M with an extension is a real TITAN OF PAYLOAD. The metal welded construction is capable of effective use (almost 500 kg in total) - what's more, the SBM with an extension is in the RODO area at the best price on the market! Set SBM + extension for up to 7 shelves (in total even more than 1000l of capacity), on which documents or other items can be placed (up to 65 kg/shelf). Shelves are adjustable every 25 mm making it spaced as needed, depending on what is to be appropriate.

SBM M cabinets have been modernized. Levelling feet are integrated with the cabinet and do not require assembly. The adjustment is made from inside the cabinet and is very easy!

Remember that our furniture can be ordered in 16 RAL colours as standard. You can choose the colour of the door and the body yourself using our configurator! To see how the SBM M + extension sets will look in the room, use the visualizer.

SBM M cabinets and extensions are covered by a 5-year warranty because we are convinced of our products' highest quality and reliability.

Metal SBM sets + extension is the optimal choice because they are characterized by:

1. Welded construction

SBM M cabinets are welded - this is furniture delivered as a whole. When choosing metal furniture, pay attention to the production technology. Always focus on long-term solutions and choose welded furniture. Semi-finished products for your own assembly are a completely different class in the world of metal furniture. Malow furniture is welded just like cars - this is the secret of their durability.


2. GDPR compliance

SBM M cabinets and extensions meet the requirements of the GDPR. A two-point lock with two keys ensures the proper protection of the contents of the cabinet. The welded construction makes unauthorized access to the SBM M cabinets difficult because the only unauthorized way to get inside is to force the lock.

3. Movable shelves every 25 mm

The highest flexibility of the arrangement of shelves - shelves in SBM M cabinets can be arranged in any way. Perforated strips along the entire height of the cabinet allow you to change the height of each shelf every 25 mm. If there is a need to equip the SBM M wardrobe with additional shelves, these are available in our standard offer. The declared load capacity is up to 65 kilograms per shelf, but in practice, the solid welded construction is able to withstand much higher loads.

4. Adjustable feet combined with the cabinet

RAdjusting the feet from inside the cabinet makes levelling the furniture very easy and can be done by anyone - from the builder to the individual user. Levelling the cabinet consists in tightening or loosening the screws available immediately after opening the door. All you need is a screwdriver and spirit level to level the cabinet!

The levelling feet integrated with the cabinet help in obtaining the line when setting the SBM cabinet with extensions. The possibility of levelling the wardrobe makes the furniture arranged next to each other look aesthetically pleasing even on an uneven surface - the feet make it possible to compensate for the difference in the level of appearance.

5. GS mark - Polish quality appreciated abroad!

The GS mark is a German certificate valued all over the world, issued by accredited and independent laboratories. These laboratories control the safe use of products and check the manuals for correctness and completeness.

6. RAL colors as standard - let your furniture match your office

Malow furniture is available in 16 colours at no extra charge - completely FREE! Choose the colour of the door and body to match the wardrobe to your interior. You can check the possibility of colouring in our configurator. With Malow furniture, you will create a unique interior that will serve you for many years. Also, try the visualizer with which you can integrate Malow furniture into the environment of your choice.

SBM M with extension is a real gamechanger

SBM M cabinets can be extended with extensions! Malow furniture from the SBM M and RZ family are of regular dimensions - this means that they can be combined with all extensions that match the width! The SBM M set + extension with a width of 1200 mm has a lifting capacity of almost 500 kilograms and a capacity of over 1000 litres! In conversion, the capacity in the SBM M set + extension costs about PLN 1 per litre. This translates to 112 stored binders!

Choose the right size of the cabinet…
And choose your favorite extension for it!

You already know why it is worth choosing SBM M wardrobes from Malow. High quality, well-thought-out design, GS mark and reasonable price make SBM M cabinets the most optimal choice that you can trust. Be sure to see the product video in which our sales team appeared in cooperation with marketing!


Download catalogue sheet of the SBM cabinets with wing doors


Download catalogue sheet of the SBM top cabinets with wing doors


Download catalogue sheet of the SBM cabinets with shutter doors


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