With each passing day, humanity realizes more and more that caring for the condition and well-being of our planet is of particular importance.


Each of us is responsible for its fate. Only humans have a real impact on what the Earth will look like in the future. It is only up to us what conditions our children and grandchildren will live in. Ecology is a word that we come across more and more often. This concept is gaining in importance among many manufacturers of numerous industries. And what eco-activities does Malow undertake?

Let's start with our products, i.e. metal furniture 😊

These popular metal cabinets, which you deal with in the office, cloakroom or workshop, which are associated with a steelworks, are ecological because:

  • are strong and durable, can be used for years, 
  • have a timeless design and do not have to be replaced with changing trends, 
  • can be processed, and the steel obtained from them can be reused for the production of other cabinets, cars, planes and many other products, 
  • repaint them when they get bored of their color or get scratched, 
  • when they break down, you don't have to throw them away, you can fix them and continue to enjoy their functionality.

And now the most important!

for the production of furniture, robots are used that are powered by energy from the sun (!!!)

Yes, we get electricity from the sun. We have our own photovoltaic farm, which produces 2.0 MW of power and covers 30% of our electricity needs. Since the start of the farm, these 2.0 MW have already allowed us to:


And this is not our last word! We are planning further investments in renewable energy sources.

We encourage you to watch the video presenting the EKOMalow photovoltaic farm: