230V in each locker

Imagine what a day in the life of the Earth would look like if all electricity suddenly disappeared. A terrifying vision, isn't it? You can throw this scenario away - electrification is only just taking place and it's not about to decline. 


The well-known classic SUM W locker has been equipped with 230V electric sockets - one in each compartment! Thanks to such equipment, it has become a more universal product that will be perfect for various industries.


The construction industry is associated with steel, concrete and heavy equipment needed to construct buildings. There are people behind the success of every project - from workers to heavy machine operators. Each construction site needs a separate social area, which will be used by the staff. How can construction companies benefit from using MSUV lockers with electrical equipment? We will list specific cases:

  1. The construction company prepares the social area on its own
  2. The company preparing the social areas on the construction site provides equipped social containers - canteens, offices and cloakrooms.

Construction personnel will use the lockers in both cases. Nowadays, battery-powered, rechargeable tools are very popular - very efficient, convenient and expensive, thus requiring additional security against theft. An electrical socket in the locker will allow you to charge the batteries in safe environment. What is more, a wide selection of professional locks will guarantee adequate protection against theft. 


When equipped with a coin or combination locks, MSUV lockers are perfect for large shops and public facilities where customers spend a lot of time. We live in an age where having a full battery on your phone gives you a sense of security, and being able to connect it securely in public places, ensures customer satisfaction. 


There is a company in a small town that, instead of selling photocopiers, rents them out and charges for each page printed - brilliant in its simplicity. It is worth looking out for those who lease lockers. 

They need solid furniture that is ready for heavy duty service, multiple transports and different users. Electric equipped lockers add variety to the offer of such companies. Cabinets with electrical equipment add variety to the offer of such companies. 


 A key feature of MSUV lockers is safe electrical installation. A connection module is hidden under the slanted top, which contains a 230 V socket for connecting lockers in series, a resettable fuse and a LED indicating that the unit is operating correctly. Individual users are provided with sockets inside the locker - one for each compartment. Use of the locker is safe, thanks to the grounding wires and connection to the lightning protection system. 

Malow furniture are welded - this guarantees durability. The brand has been on the market for more than 30 years - this indicates that the products are reliable. Sales level of more than PLN 230 million per year - indicates a significant share of the metal furniture market and the trust customers have in Malow. 

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