MSUV lockers with electrical equipment

Novelties in the family of social cabinets MSUV 

In the modern world, man expects facilitations, functional, easy-to-use everyday objects, surprising, modern, comprehensive and versatile solutions. These assumptions guided us in the development of the MSUV family of social cabinets with electrical equipment. The MSUV family of social lockers fits perfectly as an element of cloakroom equipment in schools, workplaces, libraries, sports clubs and fitness centers. We have added electrical sockets to our standard MSUM wardrobes and MSUS lockers.

As standard, each chamber has an electrical socket with two USB ports adapted to the recipient's country. On the Polish market, the cabinets are equipped with electric sockets type E with two USB ports (type U). For other markets, it is possible to use sockets according to the accepted standards of a given country. The USB port allows you to charge most mobile devices such as smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, laptops. Each compartment in the wardrobe is closed with a lock, which guarantees privacy and safety of the loaded items. 

In the office, locker room, gym, workshop or workplace, thanks to MSUV cabinets, the user is guaranteed a safe place to store and charge devices. In order to speed up and facilitate assembly as much as possible, we equipped MSUV cabinets with glides so that they do not scratch the floor, and moving the cabinet does not require lifting, it is light and quiet. Spacers mounted on the rear wall of the body facilitate even alignment to the wall. Thanks to them, it is possible to lay the cable behind the cabinet, so that it is invisible and no one stumbles.

The thoughtful design ensures that the plinths, bases, bookshelves and partitions from the MSU cabinets fit seamlessly into the MSUV cabinets. Cabinets with electrical sockets can be freely combined with standard cabinets, creating a coherent whole. For the greatest safety and comfort of use, we tested the cabinets in our own laboratory of the Research and Development Center. From one external power supply it is possible to connect in series max. up to 20 sockets.

The technology used to prepare the surface for painting through the process of zirconium phosphating and zirconium conversion of metal ensures very good paint adhesion and adequate anti-corrosion protection of cabinets. 

The paints used are certified by the Polish Institute of Hygiene that they do not contain heavy metals and harmful substances. 5-year warranty for cabinets (according to the warranty conditions for Malow products

In the video we present some possibilities of using cabinets with electrical equipment


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