Friendly School! Graphic prints on wardrobes part II

How to make the interior of the school look friendly and modern at the same time? You need a bit of imagination and metal cabinets from MALOW!


Each of you will surely agree that school is a place where children spend a large part of their time. What to do so that this time is not associated only with boring-looking rooms? This is best illustrated by the execution of Sus cabinets for one of our distributors (Tezap company), as interior equipment of one of the schools, which we present below.

Sus 322W and 342W cabinets arranged in a row create a beautiful mountain landscape. It was possible by using UV printing. However, the selection of the landscape itself is not without significance in this case. The colors present in it are light and delicate, where blue and green additionally have a calming effect. This example proves that schools are increasingly opting for interesting arrangements of their rooms. Without forgetting the role of colors that have a significant impact on children. In this way, they also warm up their image, becoming more friendly and modern at the same time. In addition, in a school arranged in such a way, students are more likely to spend time, and the atmosphere in it is conducive to learning.