Dream office space for years..

Dream office space for years..

Discover the timeless style and functionality of office furniture combined with the strength of steel.

Match your furniture to your requirements, never the other way around....

Match your furniture to your requirements, never the other way around....

The Malow configurator has many possibilities for expansion and modification, so you can perfectly match the solutions to the needs and possibilities of the room.

Furniture that fits into any interior...

Furniture that fits into any interior...

Discover the visualizer, where you can check how Malow furniture looks in different arrangements.

A modern and safe school ...

A modern and safe school ...

This is the dream of teachers, parents and children. Get to know school furniture from Malow and choose quality for years.

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Get started


Get started
Malow configurator

In a few simple and intuitive steps you are able to adjust the furniture to your preferences. The tool allows you to choose the parameters of a piece of furniture and its colours, which makes it possible to arrange your room well.

Check out the possibilities of the furniture thanks to the intuitive configuration

Step 1 Select category and subcategory of furniture
Step 2 Select the basic parameters of your furniture
Step 3 Select variants and colours of the furniture
Step 4 Save your configuration and send it to the selected dealer
Discover the configurator

MALOW Polish manufacturer of metal furniture

We offer furniture in various price categories to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Thanks to our comprehensive range of products, we can furnish offices, banks, cloakrooms, offices, archives of many workplaces, companies and public offices, schools and libraries, hospitals and doctor's offices, car repair shops, locksmith shops and others. We are therefore present with our products where there are people, documents, clothes, tools, in other words, EVERYWHERE.


years of activity

Experience and continuous development



Experienced and reliable staff

Why choose us

18,000 tons of sheet metal used annually

2000 models of furniture in a permanent offer

468,000 pieces of furniture produced annually

2 production plants Suwałki, Świnoujście


As part of a large natural ecosystem, we feel responsible for its future

Thanks to the EKO-MALOW photovoltaic farm, 30% of the energy required for production comes from the sun

More than 18,000 trees preserved annually is our contribution to the protection of the biosphere of the Suwałki Region

Reduction of pollution through responsible waste management