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We sell our furniture through a network of authorised dealers. Go to the map and check the prices of the products in the

online shops of our dealers or ask them for prices.


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The configurator is a simple and intuitive tool for configuring selected Malow furniture. Select a family (furniture type) and

then choose its height, width and colours! It is very easy! Once you have configured one or more pieces of furniture, place

them in the shopping cart and with one click send your request for a quote to your dealer, who responds with a quote for

your configuration and helps you make the best decision. It is worth contacting authorised Malow dealers - they are always

there to offer you professional advice.


The visualiser is a simple tool to configure the space in which Malow furniture is arranged. Choose one of the available

scenes and change the colours of the walls, ceilings, floors and furniture. The Malow visualiser allows you to juxtapose the

colours of your chosen furniture with the colours of your room. Check out the available scenes now!


Most Malow furniture is welded and does not require assembly. These are full-fledged, solid and carefully made products that gain full efficiency before leaving the factory. Forget about wobbly self-assembly furniture. Sheet metal welding technology is also used in the production of cars.

Welding - a type of technology for permanently joining parts of devices or structures made of metal or plastic. It consists in heating the contacting surfaces so that they become plastic and pressing them together. Only a small volume at the contact boundary is plasticized.

Some of our furniture (e.g. storage shelves, office tables and some workshop tables) require self-assembly - these are exceptional cases dictated by the optimization of transport. If our furniture requires self-assembly, you will find relevant information in their description.

Find out what else distinguishes Malow furniture.


Yes, it is possible to purchase spare parts. Malow furniture is made to last for many years, which is why we support users

throughout the entire life cycle of a product. Do you need a new lock? More shelves in your filing cabinet? Have you been the

victim of vandalism and you would like to repair your metal cabinets? Contact the dealer from whom you bought your

furniture and ask about spare parts!


The correct way to use Malow furniture is specified in the instruction manuals of the individual products. There you can find

information about the requirements for use, anchoring the furniture to the wall, adjusting the extensions, cleaning and all

the details for everyday use of our products. Remember - safety always comes first. Malow furniture is a solid and durable

product that works well in difficult conditions.

Instruction manuals can be found on our website in the customer area. In addition, they are always attached to the

purchased Malow furniture. If you need detailed instruction manuals for our products, please go to the downloads section in

the customer area.


NOTE: For cleaning, do not use organic solvents such as nitro or carbomide-phthalic solvents, because under their influence the paint coating may become dull.

In the case of disinfection of our products, generally approved virucidal preparations based on ethyl alcohol with a concentration of approx. 70% should be used. In addition, follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to handle the liquid after its application on the cleaned surface.

  • Keep the furniture clean using generally available chlorine-free surfactants.
  • Pay attention not to pour water on the plinths of the lower cabinets when cleaning the floors - wipe the floor around the products dry.
  • Do not allow furniture to stand on damp floors.
  • It is not allowed to store damp, wet items in the products, and especially items with caustic substances, e.g. salt and other corrosive substances, unless the product is adapted for this purpose (special).
  • Failure to comply with the above requirements may cause corrosion of the product.
  • Clean the tops of desks and office tables with generally available agents intended for cleaning furniture made of chipboards - in the event of flooding with water or other liquids, wipe the top dry.

Detailed recommendations for anchoring furniture to the wall are described in the instruction manuals of the individual

products. It is mandatory to anchor the extensions to the furniture. The general rule is that all structures exceeding 1800

mm are anchored to the wall. It is also recommended to screw the cabinets together if they are built-in. Anchoring is also

recommended for storage shelves, especially for loads greater than 100 kg/shelf.

Properly used Malow furniture is completely safe for health and life. The welded construction gives them strength and stability. They are painted with powder paint with PZH approval, carefully finished and without sharp edges. Our products meet current standards and have the necessary approvals and certificates.

Malow furniture means safety of stored items. A wide selection of locks means that you will surely find the security you need. Additional door reinforcements with a bent profile make bending them much more difficult compared to the classic door leaves available on the market.

Safety is more than products - it is a proven manufacturer trusted by tens of thousands of users throughout Europe. Malow supports products throughout their life cycle. We are a manufacturer you can trust, because we will never leave you in need.


You can buy Malow furniture from our authorized dealers throughout Poland. We recommend using their services as they will help you make the best decision. The manufacturer of Malow and our dealers are professionally prepared to guide you through the entire process of equipping a locker room, office, workshop, medical office, and even a private apartment. You can find our dealers on the map to which you will go below.

If you are looking for a distributor in another country, outside of Poland - contact us and we will help you choose the right one.


You can buy Malow furniture from our authorised dealers all over Poland. Most of them have online shops and we

encourage you to use them. Remember that you can always call or email our authorised dealers! You can find our authorised

dealers on the map below. Remember that you can select the ‘online shop’ option in the filters in order to see only the results

you are interested in.


You can see the full range of Malow furniture at the Malow Open Days showroom at our Suwałki factory and in the

showrooms of our authorised dealers throughout Poland. You can find authorised Malow dealers on the map below.

Remember that in the filters you can select the showroom; option and see only the results you are interested in.


Furniture from Malow is available in 16 standard RAL colors at no extra cost! Choose the color of the body and doors – enjoy personalized furniture tailored to your taste and needs. Additional charges apply only for colors outside our standard RAL palette.

Learn more about the colors!

We offer furniture for most existing industries:

Social - Furnishing employee locker rooms, fitness locker rooms, school locker rooms, utility rooms, battery charging stations, clothes drying cabinets, and much more.

Office - Outfitting offices with a wide selection of filing cabinets, desks, desk pedestals, and filing cabinets.

Medical - Equipping medical offices, hospitals, reception areas, and procedure rooms with a wide range of glass-fronted cabinets and instrument tables.

Workshop - Workshop equipment including height-adjustable workbenches, cabinets with bins, tool trolleys, and much more. Everything you need in a professional workshop or home garage.

School - Everything your school needs! Specifically tailored offerings for school locker rooms and multimedia classrooms. A wide selection of tables and carts for electronic storage and charging, as well as filing cabinets and card catalogs, or space for educational materials. All products can be locked as needed!


    We are a manufacturer of metal furniture. We do not have any office chairs or armchairs in our offer. If you are putting

    together an offer and need chairs and armchairs, please ask our dealer about such an offer. They mostly have a

    complementary offer for chairs and armchairs.

    Of course you can modify our catalogue products. You need to submit an enquiry to us or our dealer with a detailed

    description, dimensions, colour and other requirements for the product. It is also important to specify the quantity and

    expected lead time.

    If you need individual pieces, please check the availability at our authorized distributors' stores – this way, you can quickly get the furniture you desire. Remember that if time is of the essence, it's worth giving our authorized distributor a call to arrange the delivery date. For large and custom orders, the lead time is between 4 to 8 weeks.

    Check the availability at online stores of our authorized distributors below.


    We offer you the opportunity to put your graphics on the fronts of our furniture! Thanks to UV-cured printing technology,

    the only thing that limits you when personalising your furniture fronts is your imagination! Do not limit yourself and take the opportunity to have your favourite graphic printed on the cabinet! See what we offer and what our customers have chosen - get inspired by furniture with modern UV printing!

    Yes - contact our authorized dealers. Find out about the terms and conditions and work with the best.


    If you have got acquainted with our offer and you have additional questions, remember about our authorised dealers - they

    are your advisors who will surely help you choose a range tailored to your needs. They will help you create a personalised

    solution tailored to your requirements.


    Malow furniture comes with a five-year guarantee period according to Malow's terms and conditions, which you can find



    You can find the Malow guarantee terms and conditions below.


    If you have bought your furniture from our authorized dealer - start by submitting a complaint at their shop. You will need a

    proof of purchase to submit a complaint. You don't need to worry about anything else - when you complain to our

    authorised dealer, you can be sure that your complaint will be assessed fairly. We will make sure that you are satisfied with

    your purchase from our distribution network.

    ISO certificates relate to the production standard, i.e. they provide the manufacturer with certification. National Institute of

    Hygiene approvals, the GS mark, the B mark and other approvals and certificates relate to products. You can learn more

    about certificates and approvals below.


    The right to a manufacturer's guarantee may be lost if a piece of furniture has been used inappropriately or if there have

    been unauthorised modifications to its construction. You can find all the information about Malow guarantee terms and

    conditions below.


    Start by looking at the current vacancies on our website and apply using the form. If you haven found a position that

    interests you, send your CV to our HR department and tell us about yourself - you might just be the person we're looking for!

    Welding - a type of technology for the permanent joining of parts of devices or structures made of metal or plastics. It involves heating the contacting surfaces so that they become plastic and pressing them together. Only a small volume at the contact boundary becomes plastic.

    The superiority of welded furniture over all others lies in its very high resistance to physical factors. In addition, welded furniture is made by robots, which means very high precision and repeatability. The highest quality comes from experience, and ours tells us that metal furniture MUST be welded. Riveted and self-assembled furniture with screws are temporary solutions. If you want to choose wisely, choose once and choose well - opt for Malow welded furniture and enjoy its full functionality for many years after purchase.

    NOTE! Some furniture (including warehouse shelves, office tables, and some workshop furniture) assembled by interference fit require connecting ready-made welded components. If the furniture requires self-assembly, you will always find relevant information in the description!


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